Wednesday, 2 October 2013

The Journey Begins...Ammen Vale

After watching the opening cinematic, Khojna stands in the wreckage of a space ship.
Khojna's first view of Azeroth
The quests that confront you in Ammen Vale gave a strong sense of duty with regard to the Draenei.  The first priority was powering the healing crystals, which required (reluctant) harvesting of moth blood samples.  There was a recognition that the crash landing had produced a negative effect on the wildlife.  Much of the initial quests focussed on attempting to write these wrongs.  One of the first of these was to try and neutralise the effect a crystal was having in polluting Silverline Lake.
For some reason I always enjoy these quests, whether it be inoculating Owlkin, or neutralising Volatile Mutations and turning them into fluffy bunnies!

Silent Spring in Azeroth? 

Why isn't it like this when I get my Flu shot?

The Draenei come across as a reasonable people, except when dealign with blood elves.  A small scouting group, led by Surveyor Candress, is found, and the Draenei are not happy.

I received many upgrades as quest rewards, but was excited by upgrading my weapon the most!

In exploring the vale, I stumbled upon a few interesting objects.
Love the animation on the Emitter Part quest item!

Owlkin Scarecrows unsettle me...

The blue bottle and floating candelabra were two favourites from the Blood Elf camp
 Before leaving the vale, I noticed I hadn’t been to the Sacred Grove.  I wandered up there and was surprised by the Spirit of the Vale.  This NPC used to be involved in the Shaman Totem Quests.  I looked it up, and was pleasantly surprised to find that that NPC is friendly to the Horde as well, and has a message for them.  

  Found behind the elemental, is a perpetual battle between elementals, complete with rifts.

As I made ready to leave Ammen Vale, I took the time to turn and look out giving a final wave.

I was surprised when the Guardian waved back!
Before I finish up, I thought it might be interesting to take a picture of Khojna at the end of each zone.  Our explorer is now level 5!

See you next time!

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  1. Is that waving part of the quest or a cute emote easter egg?